Ionic heating system

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    In heating systems based on economy class boilers a constant predetermined temperature of a coolant at the boiler output (maximum of 90 ºC) an of a coolant at the boiler input (back stream) is maintained automatically round-the-clock, indicating its value on the electronic control unit display. Additionally provided are connection for a remote control (RC) with air temperature detector and software for temperature programming for any time and day of a week, as well as GSM mobile communication use possibility.

Operational economy

     Electrical power consumption of economy class boilers during operation in heating networks is 10 to 20% lower in comparison with boilers of other manufacturers, due to a patented construction of electrodes and TEHs (tubular electric heaters) (for more information see «Company’s developments» section). Connection of a remote control will save you another ~30% of energy, e.g. instead of 10 kW/h, your economy class boiler will consume 5 kW.

Electrode boilers "BERIL" (single-phase, 220V)

Heated area up to 120 m2

      Garden cottages, country houses, middle-size residential houses, garages, utility and service premises are most suitable for heating with these low-power but very reliable boilers.

Boilers of 3-5 kW
Name Beril 3 Beril 5
Capacity, kW 3 5
Heated area, m3 90 170
Price, EUR 120.7 125.55

Economy class "BERIL" boilers (three-phase, 380V)

Boilers of 6, 9, 12, 15, 25, 33 kW


Boilers of 6-33 kW
Name Beril 6 Beril 9 Beril12 Beril15 Beril25 Beril33
Capacity, kW 6 9 12 15 25 33
Heated area, m3 100 120 150 200 300 400
Price, EUR 284.57 289.87 295.15 300.44 305.72 389.87







Heated area up to 400 m2

beril energy label

 ”Beril” ion electronic boiler control block

”Beril” ion electronic boiler control block

Name Beril.lv3-33/1
Capacity, kW 3-33
Size, mm 80 х 310 х 210
Weight, kg 2,0
Price, EUR 488.05

Other heating types

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