NAVIEN KDB — dual-circuit floor-standing low temperature diesle boiler




NAVIEN KDB is a dual-circuit floor-standing low temperature diesel boiler of "turbo" type with heat exchanger made of stainless steel with power capacity of 20 to 41 kW.

Here are arguments in favor of technological advancements of NAVIEN KDB diesel boilers:



1. Frequent use of stainless steel heat exchangers in boilers manufacture. Stainless steel use in NAVIEN KDB boilers provides for protection of heating equipment from corrosion for a very long period. However, it should be considered that a high quality stainless steel, while providing for high technical characteristics of equipment, at the same time is quite hard in processing. Cutting and welding of stainless steel is performed by robots using plasma technologies. This technology can only be used by manufacturers of a high scientific and manufacturing potential.

2. Use in new generation mounted boilers of surface-burning burners (practically flameless) with build-in fans, with pre-drying chambers and automated mode of keeping the preset air-fuel ratio, brings it to the highest level of burning technology development. In line with unchanged European performance parameters it also provides for unit compactness.

3. Individual building uses light constructions and therefore demands low power capacity boilers to be also silent. It means that boiler noise level should not exceed the noise level of domestic refrigerator. With this highest level of performance, NAVIEN KDB boilers may be placed not only in boiler rooms or in kitchens, but also directly in living-rooms.

4. High security is always controlled by various legislation acts. All diesel boilers must have a leak proof fire chamber and combustion products should get out of the boiler by a forced and controlled way. This novelty should prevent (in case of a heating system or chimney breakdown) penetration even of small quantities of fuel or its combustion products into dwelling premises. In this case air intake is performed from outside of the dwelling premises. This so-called “turbo” technology is absolutely novel for Europeans.

5. Another argument for dual-circuit boilers safety is 100% hygienic water heating. It is achieved by use of high quality steel elements (like those used in food industry and at surgery instruments manufacture) and constant maintaining of water temperature higher than the point at which bacterium growth is impossible, in particular legionelli colonies.

6. Environmental safety. It is provided not only by manufacturing of boilers with high efficiency factor (leading to decreased electrical power consumption and thus indirectly to environment protection), but also by the use of various effective innovative solutions, decreasing harmful substances emission into air. Stainless steel liquid fuel NAVIEN KDB boiler is equipped with a burner with “empty” burning cone. That means that flame in such burner is “empty” in the middle, and therefore the flame temperature is decreased from the usual 1200-1400 С (as in most European burners) to 800°С. It results not only in increased operation time of boiler convection surfaces, but also in reduced emission of harmful nitrogen oxides (the lower the burning temperature, the lover is emission).

7. Boilers users are mostly women. It is not something strange, since their husbands are always at work. Therefore, designing a boiler, high importance is attached to usage simplicity, and it was achieved by built-in electronics which maintains independent boiler diagnostics and control.

8. As in the modern car industry, for boilers a standard complement is included into basic price, which is a hot water function, mounted and tested burner, remote microprocessor control both from the same room and by mobile phone (using a built-in modem in a boiler), safety system, electro-magnetic water preparation and so on.



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