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  • JOLLY PLUS 2/20 Канальный фанкойл 0.83кВт

    JOLLY PLUS 2/20 Канальный фанкойл 0.83кВт
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    Tangential fan coil unit series including high-efficiency brushless motors. 131 mm as maximum depth, attractively designed casing, suitable for residential heating and air conditioning applications. Available in three versions, VM-F featuring motorized front air inlet louvre, VM-G including fixed inlet grille and VN without casing for concealed applications. Four sizes and cooling capacity from 0,83 kW to 3,34 kW.

    The careful design of the main components, refined styling and versatility make them suitable for any type of installation in the residential, commercial or industrial field.

    Their installation requires only connection to the electrical and plumbing system


    SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: in galvanised high-thickness sheet, integrating structural and functional elements in plastic, such as the condensate tray and fan conveyor.

    HEAT EXCHANGE COIL: copper tube arranged in staggered rows in order to increase heat exchange. Aluminium fins, fastened by mechanical expansion of the tubes. The manifolds intetgrate air vents and water drain holes. The coil has a pocket for the water temperature probe. The fan coils can be ordered with left or right connection. In case of need it is however possible to retate the coils. Conversion from left to right connection requires nevertheless an adapting kit.

    CONDENSATE TRAY: in thermoplastic material -thus corrosion-free- supplied as a standards on models VM-G and VN. It permits either vertical and horizontal installation of the unit.

    FAN MOTOR: the motor is a high-efficiency brushless type, speed-controlled. It is fitted on rubber supports to reduce noise transmission to the frame. Speed adjustment occurs on stepless mode. The units are also available on demand with compatibility to Ferroli 3 fixed speed control or pre existing ones.

    TANGENTIAL FAN: the tangential-type fan is coupled directly to the motor and mounted on an anti-vibration support.

    AIR FILTER: in polypropylene honeycomb, easily removable, it can be regenerated simply by washing with water.

    PLUMBING CONNECTIONS: the units are equipped with EUROKONUS ?" plumbing connections, that allow simple and safe connection. Possible to order left or right connection.


    Speed control can be made on progressive mode or on pre-set speeds


    A 3 speed-control is supplied as a standard, (the interface TD-3R for remote in-wall installation). Jolly Plus models which are compatible with the mentioned interface can however be coupled with 3-speed thermostats which may be already present in the installation.


    Specific controls - equipped with continuous regulation algorithms - have been developed. Such devices keep steady comfort conditions inside the room. Energy savings are also granted thanks to the fan modulation, as well as sound pressure minimization.

    The electronics and its interface are available as on-board version (TC plus). The unit can be however been ordered without built-in control: a remote one (TC-R plus) can be ordered separately as an accessory.

    TC-R plus remote thermostat can also handle up to 31 fan-coil units connected together in parallel. This solution is suitable for medium-large rooms containing several installed units.

    Functions: Room setpoint regulation / Automatic fan speed / Noise limiter (decreasing fan speed) / NIGHT mode (fan speed decrease / setpoint modification) / MAX (brings speed fan to max)

    Connections: 230 V output for ON-OFF valves / Independent voltage-free contacts for activation of a chiller or boiler depending on room thermostat request / Voltage free contact for room presence (window opening contact or hotel badge).


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