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  • SUPER FAN 35 - Настенный фанкойл - 3 кВт

    SUPER FAN 35 - Настенный фанкойл - 3 кВт
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    Cabinet in ABS thermoplastic, robust and UV resistant. Ventilator is actuated by a energy-efficient EC motor. The units are already equipped with a 3 way valve, which bypasses the exchanger when the fan is idle.

    Two different controllers are available. One of them must be chosen for each unit or cascade. In the latter case, one control will handle all the connected units.

    Infrared remote control REM-I - code 2C0730AF
    7 mts distance limit. Includes wall-fixing support

    Wired evolved wall controller REM-W - code 2C0730BF
    It is a remote control for all parameters of the fan coil and a programmable thermostat. In case of a cascade operation it is possible to set the functions individually for each unit or harmonised ones for all. The controller works also as a receiver of the infrared remote control


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